Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Song writing with a cannon view
Keith Urban has definitely come out of the music star slump and has shot right up to the number one spot on a number of his songs in recent years. Being interested as a singer songwriter myself I have been looking into famous people and how they effectively do what they do. My love for music is not just country but all genres of music, but in this case it is country… don’t judge.  In my opinion not every average person becomes famous; then we would all be famous. People that have a certain uniqueness to them, different background, tonally different voice, distinctive sound, that is what makes people famous… not just a copy of what was already done. I say this laughing to myself because music in its natural form is built upon what is already known. To a person who doesn’t understand artistic views this would be like math. What is learned in one lesson of math is then transferred over to another lesson and so forth. In music you must know how to play but also be able to play with others and bounce ideas off each other. This is how a famous musician goes from famous to revolutionary in my book. Creating new sound and paving the way for new musician. A network of music can be made from the artist’s influences which then the influences can be heard slightly in the new music of the artist.  
Looking a one specific song such as John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16 a person can see and hear all of the influences of Keith urban in his playing and abilities. This song probably wouldn’t get popular if some random artist chose to play and make this song their own. This song got popular because Urban had an intention behind the song; he wanted the song to be different. I believe he effectively used the cannons of communication to do so.  Just to look at a few aspects, he wrote the song originally on guitar (sounded just like every other country song) he then reinvented his song by starting it with bass and drums.  He recreated something from an idea he had in his head and thus invented something new. This song has made it to the top of the music charts for a reason because it is very memorable. The chorus has a very catchy line and can be sung by nearly any body.  This song is relatable to everyone and people like to hear songs they can relate to in their own life.  Urban’s song stands out amongst the rest because no other country song starts out that same way so people recognize it as something new and unusual so are therefore more likely to remember the song as a whole. Lastly this song has a great delivery both on Urban’s part of his attitude he puts into the song but also because he is an already established musician. He has access to display his music in form of audio sound on the radio, internet, and TV. He can also use the power of vision with his music video he has for the song as well which shows his physical attitude while playing the song.

Being famous is what I aspire to be but realize it will be a long journey ahead to play for audiences bigger than football Saturdays. I find joy in the fact that yes music that is on the radio is on the radio for a reason but also the fact that I could have music on the radio by using the cannons of communication. By looking at already established musicians you can see the cannons at work in their songs especially but also in every other aspect of their life. Using cannons correctly to display your thoughts is all a musician has to do. After that is done you play. Kairos.

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