Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Is the glass really too much?

It seems like so many people are saying negative things about google glass and how the world that we are living in is almost totally reliant on technology itself but when you really think about it, technology brings us closer together. If it weren't for Facebook and Skype how would we communicate with friends living thousands of miles away from us. Technology helps us keep in touch and stay up to date on the most current events going on around us.

Some say that google glass is "too much" but what do you think? The glass may actually be too much but it may also be just enough. Yes most would agree that the glasses you wear on the front of your head are ridiculous and ugly but when thinking about it, are all other forms of technology the prettiest? No. Personally I would not want to wear the glass around but that is just me. Another negative I have heard a lot is that why would you want people to know where you are all the time or see what you are doing? Who knows maybe some people want that but just like location services with  iPhones and read recipes you can turn them off if you do not like it.

Over all I think that google glass is a great thing to have around and available for the people who really are interested in it. Along with all of the negatives there are many positives to the glass as seen in this video. It shows how you can capture events easily without even using your hands. Big events in your life are always worth capturing especially such things as plays, sporting games, and competitions.

There are many positive and negatives that people have mentioned on why or why not to have googles glass available. I think if you want the high tech glass and will use it for the right reasons then it is a wonderful piece of technology that should be available.

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