Friday, September 4, 2015

Google Glass YAY or NAY

   We all know that one person that's constantly on some sort of technology,  ignoring all means of human life  (social media isn't a human life form, by the way).  You're trying to have a conversation with them being all 'koine-like', engaging in conversation, communicating face to face, getting personal opinions and they are half-a**ing (pardon my asterisks) your conversation!  Technology has become too big of a part of our lives.  We are switching out people for apps and conversation for social media.  I'm guilty of it too, waking up and going to sleep and everything in between with phone in hand.  But Google is taking it too far with the new Google Glass.  
    Google Glass is just a step closer to being in constant 'idia'/in your own world.  As you can see, I'm pretty against it.  This new wave of constant technology makes me feel about as uncomfortable as a raw oyster served with sweet pickles.  Who knows maybe I'm just a old person at heart dissing anything new to me, but we have people to communicate with face to face and a beautiful world to explore.  And all of which can and would be done best without constant technology.
   Now here are some pictures to...just because.

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