Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Anonymity May Create a More Diverse, and Eclectic Global Society

What is Tor? Tor is an online anonymity program that allows users to freely discuss their opinions on online forums (among other things it has been in the news recently for). If you don't know what TOR is, I highly suggest you check out this article... HERE. Recently, TOR and other anonymity projects have begun to see bans in certain countries. The argument I want to make is that TOR and similar programs are a modern 'koine' of sorts. TOR and completely anonymous online forums has recreated what the internet once was, a completely random place for strangers to discuss the weird, odd and politically unsound. It was a place where any man could voice his opinion freely, without fear of persecution. Anyhow, because of certain ideologies, and incidents it has begun to see bans around the world. Also, countries such as China, Russia and Germany have blocked and forbade the selling, and trading of Bitcoin, a popular anonymous currency used on TOR sites*.

What I am attempting to state in my first blog post, is that TOR and other online anonymity softwares have the possibility of creating a more free global society, in ways the typical internet and social medias cannot. It is hard to fathom the potential change that TOR could create if it were to gain public traction, and many would not take pleasure to it (i.e. the status quo, as well as a large amount of sound, rational people). But it is a powerful tool that more people should be aware of, nonetheless. The dawn of a new era of communication may be upon us. While it seems the "clearnet" (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) become more monitored, and narrowed... the anonymous sites that TOR creates grows quickly, and it set up in a non-traditional sense in which you must find the sites you want to reach. Thus creating ecosystems of individuals who may see eye to eye, with much room for discussion and debate.

The fact that the software makes you completely anonymous however, is what most governments and many people fear... we have seen many dark sides to TOR, however I believe through much of the filth, there is a need for complete anonymous side of the internet; being our generation's vessel for exploration and discussion.


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