Monday, September 7, 2015

Media Ecology-Demise of TV

Before the 1960's people gathered their media from the newspaper, books, and from our friends. Since then though we have progressed into consuming media from our couches, in our living rooms without having to think or even lift a finger. The TV has truly changed the way people consume media and how we look at media. Though, I am not looking at the physical TV, I am more concerned with the cable company of today. FREE HBO. FIRST Month FREE. FREE Trial Offer. What you might not have seen in the fine print is all the fees and bogus one has to deal with just a few months into your new subscription. Cable companies using coercion by their contracts with you the customer.  All this documentation for a service that is going to be erased in just a few years. Yes, no more cable company.
Today more and more households are cutting the cord to their cable companies and only using internet for their favorite shows. In fact there are now becoming “cord never” people in our societies meaning that they will never pay for a cable provider. This struck me because I thought that everybody just had cable and every one watched TV. I didn’t know people could still be “normal” and never have cable for their news and entertainment delight.  Watch the video in the link and this can all be spelled out in common sense. Also don’t mind the sales pitch he puts in for his investing company.

Consumers of media today are switching to a faster and more convenient way of consuming media and that is the internet. Using their devices weather that is a tablet, computer, cell phone, or a physical TV doesn’t matter, but the source does. This is a very interesting point in communication history to be watching because all the old ways of cable companies are going out and new integrative technologies are being installed. There is a lot of agentic potential with companies such as Netflix and Hulu to single handedly put the old cable companies out of service.  

Personally I was to be a “Cord Never” because I don’t want to pay for the more expensive, timely, and fee ridden route of the cable company. There is a reason why three out of the top five most hated companies in America are … cable companies. I believe that people will find that they will be more connected when they use the internet instead of cable because there are the typical shows but a slew more of information and more current information that can be posted faster than typical TV. There will be lots of pros of being a “Cord Never” such as not having to wait for the cable company to fix your broken overpriced service. Not having to replace cable boxes or remotes every time they brake. Not having to deal with tech support for making sure the cable box is running properly. The list goes on for the benefits to cutting the cord and turning in your contract.  Faster ways of communication are located on the internet, not on cable television. Instant post on news sites, twitter, and faster streaming (with no commercials). These are just some of the reasons why I am a “Cord Never” and why others should contemplate their current situation with their communication providers. 

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