Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rapper 2 Chainz giving consideration for mayor of College Park, GA

          You hear it all the time, "never judge a book by its cover." So many people in the world today will surprise you with their talents that you don't necessarily see on the exterior. I believe in today's society too many people are quick to make assumptions and jump to unfair conclusions. We all do it, whether you want to admit or not, everyone has made at least one judgement of someone that they didn't personally know. If I were to tell you that a famous rap artist had the aspirations of running for mayor of his hometown, would you believe me? Would you think it's a good idea? If you answered no to either of those questions, I am here to prove you wrong.
           Rapper Tauheed Epps, or most famously known as "2 Chainz" has expressed serious interest in running for the position of mayor in the city of College Park, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. While many believe that this is just a publicity stunt, the rapper has stated that if he "meets the requirements" that he will give strong consideration to running for the position. The rapper has been the topic of a lot of conversation lately with his recent CNN interview with Nancy Grace. The two got into a heated argument on air about the topic of legalization of marijuana. Although Grace is known for her smash mouth approach many believed that the rapper got the best of the exchange.
         Not many people believe that the rapper would be good for a position of politics, for various reasons. When people think of a mayor they want to believe it has to be someone who is formal and professional. Little do they know that Epps has had major success in college both athletically and his studies. The rapper was a great athlete, earning a full ride scholarship to play basketball at Alabama State University. While attending school and focusing on basketball, he also was very bright in the classroom as well. He earned a 4.0 grade point average while attending the University. I think his ability to balance both the athletics and academics shows what kind of person he can be. Many people get the idea that he is someone who wouldn't fit all the requirements to become someone who is involved in politics.
      Not everyone is who they appear to be. You can't just look at someones exterior and judge them on that alone. It's easy to make those quick and harsh judgments but it is only fair to give everyone their fair share and opportunity. I personally would love to see someone like Epps run just because would be such a versatile person in that position. He is obviously very intelligent and well liked around Atlanta. It will be interesting to see this progress and see if "2 Chainz" will ever run for 2 terms.

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