Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Commons Campaign Proposal: Drunk Driving on Campus

Commons Campaigns Proposal: Drunk Driving On Campus
Mikayla Pate
Preston Phillips
Alex Feekin
Nicole Ochal

The problem (exigence) that we have found is present both within the city of Lincoln, as well as on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. The presence of drunk driving is a problem that needs to be addressed.  We have found this to be a huge problem because it puts so many people in danger, especially when there are safer alternatives available to students.  We plan on addressing the student population at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We may face a population of students who are unwilling to participate in any surveys regarding this topic, but we do have a huge opportunity to gain responses from classmates. By creating an online survey we will allow students to keep a sense of anonymity, since in-person surveys may create a judgemental atmosphere. Our proposal has the opportunity to put an end to drunk driving by the students of University of Nebraska-Lincoln. By tailoring an advertising campaign to a target audience with a specific message that is relatable to them we can help put an end to this practice. For example, if we find that most respondents do drink and drive, we will focus on promoting the free cab rides. If we find that people know about the free cab rides then we can focus on fixing that problem.  Our overall goal is to stop students from drinking and driving.

Drunk driving is an awful practice that too many of our Nebraska residents participate in. This greatly affects our students, and we aim to stop and prevent this practice by UNL students. In 2003, the state of Nebraska had over 9,000 arrests that involved driving while intoxicated. There were over 31,000 vehicle crashes that involved an intoxicated driver. This resulted in over 200 deaths. This is exactly why we need to address the topic of drunk driving on our campus. We need to have an inventive/creative approach to this problem, we need to have a good structure, we need to draw from stylistic elements, make our project memorable, and figure out the best medium of delivery. Our proposal is unique and is bound to get us the results we are looking for. We have an organizational process that in terms will make it so the people that take the survey have full privacy, with a judgment free environment. Our goal is to be determined, but will help decrease the rate of students who drink and drive.  We plan to utilize things that students are actually interested in and things that will get their attention. Since we won’t have an actual plan/goal until our research is done, we are currently unable to give specifics. The way we will approach this goal is to conduct a survey that knows no discrimination, and will insure the results we want are the results we get. The style we will use will allow us to directly reach out to the student population. Our structure will be very tailored, as we have a set plan that contains a survey, compiling results, analyzing the situation and creating an advertising strategy. We want to make it seem as inviting as we possible can. The only way to make this campaign memorable, is if we carefully direct it to students on a personal level, and make them think about how their actions affect others. Our project will be memorable because we are focusing on an issue that greatly affects the student population; our project has the ability to make a real difference on this campus. We plan on utilizing the following types of media depending upon what the results of our survey show up. We may utilize outdoor media, social media, and fliers/posters. Our campaign will  be partially ran, through the use of posters and fliers in public spaces where approval does not have to be gained to post things. Although we will submit a proposal for a full advertising campaign that the university could utilize.

Our project will consist of Nicole putting together the questions that our group has come up with into an online survey and will work on getting as many students as possible to participate in it. Alex will compile the results from our surveys and find our target audience and our problems. Preston and Mikayla will put together the main part of the advertising campaign. We will all work as a group during each step, although some will be more involved in certain aspects of the project.  We plan on having our survey begin on March 1 and go until March 14. At that time we will begin compiling results. We expect to finish that by March 21 and will have our campaign outlined by March 28. We expect to finish our campaign by April 15.

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