Monday, February 9, 2015

    The article I recently looked at was an article from Inquisitr. Its talking about the new hype of Brice Jenner. Since there are a lot of rumors going on and people r making up stories,  I thought I would actually do some research and try to figure out the true story behind Bruce Jenner’s Gender change. 
    I know everyone is tired of hearing about the Kardashians, but this is a huge story. This type of article fits into the media aspect of the topic because of how people are not only making up things about Bruce Jenner and his family, but clearly the whole family is going through a huge transition that they need to be a family for and get through, while people are in their business trying to expose private information about the man. The article I am taking my facts from is a well-known and well-respected news website. The recent story they posted was about the Bruce Jenner car accident. We all know Bruce does not drive himself around, he has drivers for that, so any articles that you read saying he was drunk driving, or under the influence of something. Even if he was under the influence, he still was not driving the vehicle and had no fault in the collision. Unfortunately someone left with their life taken, while 3 other people were badly injured. Although this is a sad topic, the real reason I was on the website was to read more about Bruce Jenners sex change. 
    The new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is going to air soon, and as soon as that comes out Bruce will continue the show with the name of Belinda Jenner. This could be false and fabricated. But it is a prime example about how corrupted todays media is. As you can probabl imagine, as soon as the social world got hold of this information, twitter went crazy. People were talking about how his name is going to be the end of him, and why he would choose such a bizarre name when he could pretty much have the chance to make his name anything he wanted. 

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