Sunday, February 1, 2015

please don’t rush to fall in love or fall into anything. 
there’s plenty of time for all of that. 
until then, do more than exist. 
remind yourself on every occasion 
that you are still so young and that's a beautiful, wonderful thing. 
before you know it cynicism will come on wings 
and you will have to reshape yourself over and over. 
don’t wish for emotions.
long for experiences, and hands that feel good in yours, 
and the cold bite of winter, 
you’ve got such a long while. 
you’re not inadequate because you’re alone (not lonely, mind the difference), 
you’re not unattractive or boring or God forbid unlovable. 
breathe a little bit easier. 
write yourself letters. make yourself CDs. and take yourself out to dinner.
every inch of you is too fragile for the lust of liars. 
you will find yourself crushed under the weight of it all.
all i know, is the only thing you should ever rush in love 
is falling into it with yourself

My friend writes poetry about almost everything and her work is by far the most beautifully worded, thought provoking and self-reflective poems I’ve ever read.  Using media, she posts most of her work on Facebook, Twitter, and sometimes Instagram.  I’ve known her for almost 8 years and her talent has continued to impress me beyond words can express.  I save almost every entry and write quotes of the lines that stand out to me the most (I bolded them in this passage).  It seems like no matter what I write about her work doesn’t amount to what I feel when I read her poems as they pretty much speak for themselves needing no further explanation or analysis.
I think the same thoughts she writes about, but I have never really been able to state it so eloquently.  I have tried to sophisticate my words and it almost always seems to backfire (like now).  I’m not sure what it is but I don’t have an effortless way with my words.  Whenever I try, it’s nothing compared to her way with words.  It stuns me that she can word such a simple situation into an incredible line.  Her ideas and suggestions are simple but the way she expresses her thoughts on the subject inspire me to put her words into my actions.  
That seems like the basis of rhetoric in a sense that her work subtly persuades others to live and look at life differently.  She does this through writing about topics that are relevant to almost everyone and in return they can relate, possibly gaining advice or clarification with that subject.  She doesn’t shove anything in your face or make persuasion her main goal when she writes, but it happens while you read her poems.  That’s what I love about her pieces.  When I read them, it’s as if there’s an outer force that comes over me because her words are so powerful.  Her rhetorical technique exists even though that might not have been her intention in the first place, but her work continues to impress me post after post.

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