Saturday, February 7, 2015

Oh, Fifty!

Fifty shades of grey and more.

If you're unfamiliar with the story, the charming Christian Grey is a young successful man who was rescued from a childhood of physical and sexual abuse. As a teenager, his violent behavior was overcome by one of his mother's friends, who made him into a tightly controlled savage. He acts out his psycho sexual issues on women. One day he meets an awkward, young and naive woman, Anastasia Steele. From the day Christian and Ana met he demanded control over her, from asking her to sign a highly-detailed sex contract, to what birth control method she would use. He isolated her from her friends and family. He warns Ana that he'll be able to find her no matter where she runs to and that his security team will follow her. Throughout it all, Christian persuades Ana into believing that his bad behavior is her responsibility, until she comes to a conclusion that she is unhappy because she cannot love him enough.

For some women, the themes portrayed in this book of control and rape is not a fantasy. Many women who are in abusive relationships feel echoed in this supposed love story. Some abused women feel like their voices are being diminished because of this story. Researchers have much controversy over this film. Is it abuse or BDSM (a safe playful arrangement)?

Many fans adore the handsome billionaire and is loved for his sexual powers; fans have been on the Internet defending his honor since some of these studies have broke. Many fans are crazing, almost obsessing over Christian and the film. There is even a hash tag that has gone viral, being used by “elite” fifty shades fans. #OfficialFifty fans are the first to receive exclusive information regarding the films release.

What is your take on this film?

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