Saturday, April 11, 2015

Have You Forgotten?

Four years ago, an earthquake happened in Japan. For a country, which locates in seismic zone, it might not be a big problem. However, that earthquake was a M9.0 earthquake, which was also the largest one ever recorded in Japan. The most important is that its influences to people were hurtful and horrible, especially the consequences that Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster brought.  
There were enormous news about the accident were reported every day.  Since the location of China is very close to Japan, most of Chinese people concerned about the safety of people in Japan. However, the most impressive to me was that many people bought iodized salt frantically because they were afraid of being contaminated by nuclear radiation. At that time, I felt ridiculous when I saw the news that people even bought the salt in boxes and did not pay much attention on what the people in Japan suffered. Until four years later, when I almost forgot the accident, A2-B-C brings the accident, in particular the people’ lives back to our sights.
I was moved and shocked by this film. Shocked by the fact that people are still living in fear and could not live in a normal life. Moved by those mothers and children. Those smiling faces, sweet and naive look contrast with those mothers’ concern and helpless, I think most of people would be moved by it. Those innocent children, I don't think they know what they are experiences, those older children, who contaminated by radiation and got A2, they might not sure what would happen to them in the future. There’s a scene that they went to meet an officer, a man said that children are country’s treasure, but what are they doing to the treasure? As what I watched in A2-B-C, people in Fukushima like abandoned children by their parent, the government. If it’s not the A2-B-C, I would never know what are happening in Fukushima, and what people in there are suffering.  I think that it’s the power of media, allowing people to know the fact.

After the film finished, a Japanese student played a song – “Have you forgotten”. It sounded sorrowful and helpless, liked the film showed us. Ian said that people asked him what they could do to help those people, but there’s no answer. At least to him, I think the best thing he could do is telling more people about their story by his camera and the social media. Although we don't know what could we do to help those people, what I know is that there’s still someone remember them, remember their experiences. I think that is also why people said they saw hope. Because people have not forgotten those terrible things and people who are suffering. Moreover, it also showed the power of social media, to remind people and raise awareness of those issues like Ian showed us. Then it could become a driving force for people to improve those issues, to make our world better.

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