Thursday, April 23, 2015

Media Fast/Binge

In an era of technology, we are all always connected. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether we are able to unplug or disconnect.. This issue was addressed in our media fast and media binge; an overall, overwhelming experience.

First came the media binge... Being someone who doesn't use technological devices TOO much I thought this might be a bit fun to always be doing something. Turns out, I was right. It was great. I loved being entertained at every moment of the day! Although at times it was a bit much because I like my quiet time, it was still awesome. For three days I was able to look up all of the goofy stuff and read all the ridiculous things I ever wanted. There was a point in a day (a full hour) when I watched GoPro videos of people going down waterslides... Why? because I had to, it was my duty as a student at this great University. I feel prepared to ride the tallest of the slides of water. I mean, this was great, but I also was able to catch up on some of the podcasts I love. I was able to laugh my way to class for three days. I bet you're asking, "did you watch Netflix or Hulu?" and my answer is yes... Yes I absolutely did, but my brain was overtaken by the obsolete phone app known as Vine. I went down a wormhole of videos there, I found weird vines, funny vines, ridiculous vines, and even made some of my own because this was the time to do so. The media binge was a great success. Was my girlfriend upset about me looking at my phone while at the table eating with her? Sure she was, but fortunately she is understanding. She may have had to repeat a few stories she was telling me while I was googling "how potassium reacts with water," but all is well.

After being involved in the euphoric madness that was the media binge, we had to media fast. This felt as though it would be pretty easy... I am not a guy who uses much technology anyway, right? Wrong. It turns out I use technology more than I thought, and this was made apparent the very first morning of the fast. Although it was made apparent, it was a good thing. I woke up and instead of checking instagram or twitter, I went right to take a shower and to get ready. After being ready much earlier than usual, I was able to sit in my chair in silence and thought to myself "why not read a book? I mean, now is the time!" So I read about half of Stephen Colbert's America Again, Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't, which I highly recommend. I missed my music already because I enjoy a nice music-listen while reading but this wasn't a huge issue. Between classes and going out and about, this media fast was pretty simple, but it was only Thursday. Friday and Saturday I figured would be large challenges because I wouldn't have contact for these days, but I kicked it old school and made plans on Wednesday. As it turns out, all of my plans were followed through and Friday and Saturday were the same as every other Friday and Saturday. So not only was the binge nice, but the fast was as well... Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about how my girlfriend wasn't very excited about the not texting thing. We were able to have nice meals together but she wasn't ecstatic about not having contact with me for a few days, but again she is very understanding so again, all was well.

In an era where we are all plugged in and connected, it is nice to unplug and relax sometimes. But also, we have an incredible amount of entertainment and knowledge at our finger tips... From watching people experience water slides to seeing how potassium reacts with water, we can never stop learning and watching. So it is incredible to be able to be connected in this way, but when it's too overwhelming it is easy to disconnect, as long as you are willing and able to do so.

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