Tuesday, March 31, 2015


With just a simple click of a mouse or a button someone's personal life of company/organization can literally be changed in a matter of seconds. Nowadays people don't quite understand the implications of what just one action using your pointer finger can actually do. Clicktivism is described as "The use of social media or another online methods to promote a cause". However, clicktivism can also be a very good problem to have as well. It makes it so easy for people to help support something, such as on Twitter or Facebook. If someone is promoting a good cause it is easily accessible for someone using social media. I believe that many companies love the fact that social media and digital media have become so popular and so useful. It's more than just a click of a button, by doing so, you are promoting for a website and doing so with virtually no restrictions or trouble. There isn't anybody in my life that doesn't take advantage of the new phenomena that is social media. 

        Social media and the digital age is literally around us 24/7, when you see people checking their timelines on twitter, or posting their newest picture on Instagram. With useful technology comes a loop hole for users all around the world. Often many describe people who are "clicktivist" as "slaktivist". This refers to the act that someone doesn't fulfill when pressing "click" or "like". These often include but not limited to: signing a petition of some sort, or using someone's data for your own, or also joining something such as an organization or a club without fully participating. 

      It is something that we, I believe, will never escape and that is the use of technology and the ease that comes along with it (for some, not for myself ). By clicking a simple "like" tab you are promoting and gesturing for a specific person or an organization. "Clicktivism" is without a doubt growing as we speak, it's too easy for it not to. Ideally, this would be an easy reference for someone that is working on their commons campaign. Ironically enough, there is a "+" option on our website for the blogs and by clicking that, it will promote a kind gesture. It's EVERYWHERE.



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