Thursday, April 23, 2015

Media Binge and Fast Reflection

     Reflecting on my time with and without media I realized something that I wouldn't of known before, I really don't use my phone as much as the people around me. When I did my binge I often got annoyed that I had to be on my phone all the time, I honestly don't use my phone that much so the binge was something new, I learned a lot of new tricks with my computer and I learned how to use technology right, considering before then i really hated using technology, it was definitely harder though to transition from the binge to the fast since I just learned how to use everything.
     The fast was easy, sure, I would look at my phone to see who called or texted me and if it was important i would reply back, but other then using messages and calling, i deleted all my apps on my phone so i wouldn't be tempted. I realized a lot of people really depend on their phone, and while I wasn't on my phone i was well aware of who was connected to the hip with their phone. This made me more aware of what I shouldn't do with media and my phone because of how disconnected the person was to everyone even though we were all in the same room. I used my computer for my email and for Miscorsoft word to take notes. This helps me get organized so I had no choice. The reason I thought it was so easy to not be on my phone was because in a way I was still connected regardless of me using my phone, I live in the dorms and am constantly around people that I interact with or that I would regularly txt, and since they were all with me whats the point in texting them when I could just walk to their room! They would let me know if something was important or let me know that Ariana Grande and Big Sean broke up, which breaks my heart. The reason it was easy was because I had many distractions in my life. One of my friends is on her phone non stop. She definitely could not do this assignment. She wakes up and is on her phone until she falls asleep because she is on her phone until she falls passes out for the night. This to me is like a prison, and almost like the phone owns you. Nothing is so important that you can't put your phone down and look up for 4 minutes.
     In todays society, we have many different devices coming into action. We have those Apple Glasses that in all honesty cookie from Neds Declassified School Survival Guide definitely started, we have the million dollar Apple Watch that nobody is going to buy unless they literally can spare 12,000 dollars without there even being a break in anything aka, Kardashians. Although the rose gold apple watch is the prettiest, I would never spend money on these things because of the lack of technology I really use and because I don't have that money to just throw away on something that isn't even water proof.
     This was a very interesting and fun assignment that I took part in. I tried my hardest to stay off of media and I tried my best to always stay in tuned when I was supposed to. In all reality, technology is something that we shouldn't be using all the time like we do. We take all of the technology we have for granted and then when its taken away from us we have no idea what to do with our fidgeting fingers. Its almost like our phones have us on a leach, if we don't feel it in our pocket we have a slight freak out, but is it because we are so dependent on our phone, or is it because of how expensive it is to replace a phone? Media is crucial in our society, but it is not mandatory, it is something we need, and we are better off watching media on tv with reliable sources then online where anyone around the world can post something where we all listen to it.

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