Friday, April 24, 2015

It's Easy to Put Your Digital Devices Away?

The week was really an interesting and beneficial experience. As what I experiences, putting your digital devices away might be easier as compared with using them as much as possible. However, the fact is that whether it is easier depends on the situation. 

I used to use two computers at the same time, one for works while another for fun; I used to check my frequently when I was working on some works or reading; and I used to play my iPad while I was watching TV. What I used to do is exactly Damien asked us to do during the media binge. So, during the Media Binge, I used my computer and iPhone as usual. And Sometimes I tried to push myself use those digital devices as much as possible, However, I found that I was not that busy as what I used to be when I did them on purpose. I found there was no one messaged me, no new news, games were boring. Even I pushed myself to do those things, I found nothing interesting. It seems that the media binge was a failure.

Then time to do the Media Fast. Compared with the Media Binge, I enjoyed the Media Fast. The first day went very well. I got up early, then put my phone away, and did the reading assignment. I used to read four to six pages with the phone in my hand, but that morning I read more than ten pages. And to the afternoon, when I was waiting for my friend and eating alone, I put my phone away and observing others, instead of bowing my head down. When I walked to take the class, I put the phone into my pocket, and looked around, enjoyed the good weather. I noticed many things I ignored before. Life is so beautiful. People were talking with each other and laughing; birds were standing on the brunch and singing; flowers were blooming. I enjoyed every moment without digital devices. However, things would always change. From the second day to weekend, I needed to do my assignments, which means I have to use my computer and phone. As the result, the Media Fast is a failure, either. It's harder than what I thought.

So I failed the two challenges. I realized that whether it is easier to put your digital devices away depends on the situation. It’s easy to put them away? Actually not!

Nowadays, we’ve relayed heavily on digital devices, because they make our lives easier. My home is thousands miles away from United States, but I could see my family through video call. The digital device, or the technology shortens the distances between my family and I. However, it’s just the good aspect. Several days ago, I post a video, which showed a phenomenon called “smartphone addicted”. People are bowing their heads and looking at the phones all the time. It might be a little exaggerated, but it’s a fact. For instance, friends hang out for a lunch, you might see every one bow their head and their fingers dancing on their phones’ screens while they are waiting for the dishes, instead of talking to each other. So the digital devices lengthen the distance between people. Moreover, as I mentioned above, we’ve ignored many beautiful things because using them.

It’s not easy to put your digital devices away, but I would like to try it. Because this experience makes me realize that we missed too many beautiful things. It might be a hard try, but I think I could start from what Powers suggested, an Internet Sabbath, to regain the lost beauty.     



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