Friday, March 13, 2015

Man is the Measure & Absolute Truth

Protagoras believed that there were no absolute truths, everything was relative to each person. He believed that "Man is the measure of all things; of the things that are, the things they are, the things that are not, that they are not." Each specific person has their own viewpoint and their life experiences have shaped and molded them to see things the way that they do. One example that has often been given for this, is temperature. One person may believe that it is cold, while another person believes that the same temperature is hot.  Everything is all about relativity. This can be seen in our culture today. It rings true about politics, war, laws and nearly everything else. One specific example of this can be seen in Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. This particular group is made up of a particular type of extremist Muslims that are trying to an Islamic state that follows strict Sharia law. Sharia law impacts nearly every aspect of life, both religious and non-religious. Sharia law requires that boys and girls must be separated at school, music is banned, women are forced to wear a full veil in public, as well as a variety of other strict rules and harsh punishments.

When it comes to religion, there is no absolute truth. Man is the measure of religion, each man (or women) measure what is and what is not. Each man has the power to decide if and which religion they decide to practice. Religion is all about beliefs which is why each man has the right to choose. Extremist groups form when a person feels that the way that life is being lived is not how their God intended it. These groups will resort to violence when they feel that they are not being given the opportunity that they feel they need. In the case of ISIS, these men and women feel that the communities in which they live are not sufficient for them to practice their beliefs in. They have resorted to violence, terror and war in order to attempt to create a place where they feel that they belong.

No man can say with absolute truth that the actions of ISIS are wrong, because there is no absolute truth when it comes to right or wrong, or good or bad. What one person believes is the best, may be what another considers the worst. We all have a "moral compass" or a code of ethics that is instilled in us as we grow older but that compass is different for everyone. This is what can cause violence and terror and create groups like ISIS.

ISIS has recently released a video that shows what appears to be a young boy shooting a man who they claim is a "spy". Each man has to measure their opinion on this act. Although I personally believe that the actions of ISIS are wrong, there is no actual right or wrong.

Man is the measure of all things. Each man (or woman) decides for themselves what is right or wrong, or good or bad. There is no one correct answer or one explanation. Although the actions of another group may not seem "right" to one, does not mean that the person/group is a bad group. Each group does what they believe is right. This world allows for us to have choice and make decisions, with no absolute truth, there can be no wrong decision.

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