Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rhetoric in The Big Band Theory

The big band Theory is a popular TV show on CBS that everyone loves. But something that most people don’t know is that its an expert in rhetoric and shows you different balances of rhetoric and different types of people, better yet they all get along. There are 4 main characters. Sheldon, Penny, Leonard, and Howard. Leonard has an IQ of 173, Sheldon is a genius, and Howard is just a geek. Penny on the other hand is the typical girl, living across the hall that has a dream of being a movie star. She gets along with these 3 guys as if they have known each other their entire life. This shows that even though the 3 guys have different patters, and behavioral methods toward interacting with people they all seem to interact together well. Although Sheldon is a genius, he has a social disorder and is the opposite of penny, quiet, shy and a little over barring, but who wouldn’t be with his knowledge. As the series goes on they seem to teach each other different things and give each other different experiences. The most used rhetoric device that is used in the show is sarcasm. The show has a witty way about it, being a balance between educational, humorous, and just dramatic. They play jokes on each other and are just living their normal life just as someone else would who lived in the city. The sarcasm is vital in this show because it gives it the context that it wants; it is throughout the dialogue of the show until the end. Another device would be irony. This is a huge one considering they are all the smartest of the smart, geek guys who befriend a beautiful and poppy girl. Its ironic because looking at these guys you wouldn’t even think they have what it takes to even talk to girls. Most of the jokes and humor is educational, so sometimes it helps to look it up on Google, but it is a great show that teaches friendship, love, and that smarts is a must. It ties in humor into something educational, which in all honesty makes it even funnier. Its very entertaining and if you’ve never seen it its worth the watch.

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