Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Viral Videos

Viral videos are popular on websites such as Vine and YouTube. A viral video is a video that is shared throughout the internet and circulated to different sites. This is a video that many people have viewed, enough people where if the video were brought up in conversation, then it would be recognized and could be the whole conversation topic. Viral videos are not necessarily informative or meaningful, however they are usually humorous and often not in a clever way. Here is an example of a viral video. It is still hard to say why this video went viral, but it could be just the way that"Damn Daniel" is said. It is a simple phrase and people have adopted it into their everyday jokes.

There are some other viral videos that are viral because they pull  on the heart strings and lots of people love to watch it because it is sweet or relateable. For example the following video.

Viral videos are popular for a short period of time and then they go out of style. However they are such a big hit that they are remembered even after a year. Viral videos are often accessible on YouTube. Viral videos can make people win big as the Damn Daniel won a lifetime supply of Vans after he became known through the Damn Daniel videos became popular.

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