Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cloud (Extra credits)

Cloud (Extra credits)

Jiaxia Deng

I went to a lecture a few weeks ago, the name of lecture is “Do clouds have meaning?” I have a little bit confused by this lecture at the beginning, but I found something really interesting was on the photo. It was a cloud. However, I did not know I will get some points on this photo. It is a new concept that I never heard before. The cloud, is kind a weather, and it can change to different shape. I thought the idea as the weather reports as the first web was very interesting and something I had never thought about. There many weather channels are something we need to know about advantages and disadvantages. I think weather can reflect on different situations, and I can make more sense. I looked at clouds and people can feel so clam and safe.

When someone says the cloud to you, which is a great idea and so safe appeal. We look at clouds, however, turning on us in an instant and it can deliver the snow, hail or rain. In our communication relationship, there are many people with different personalities. Sometimes, a person more emotional, she can cry when she was watching the romance. He can be more aggressive, when he find someone competitive. It likes clouds, the emotion also can change.

I also thought he speaker’s point of clouds have always been defined to the some non-science and science. Whenever you look at the sky, you might not think of the weather. However, people interests more funny things to record or draw or write down to make shape in different things.

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