Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Reading Guide for Week 1

Reading Guide for Week 1--Manuel Castells, "Networking Minds, Creating Meaning, Contesting Power"

1. What role did the internet have in stimulating and coordinating the social movements Castells' refers to?

2. Castells identifies two sources of power (p. 5). What are examples of each, and which kind of power is preferred for democratic cultures?

3. Castells defines communication as "the process of sharing meaning through the exchange of information." How does this definition line up with either the informationist or rhetorical model of communication we discussed on Tuesday?

4. There are two unique forms of power in a network society: "switching" and "programming." Explain these forms of power with specific examples. What are examples of switching and programming in the service of what Castells calls "counterpower"?

5. How would you explain the relationship between individuals, networks, and social movements?

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