Wednesday, November 12, 2014


“Our brain batter of art, culture, science, philosophy, spirituality and humor is designed to open your mind, challenge your friends, and feel damn good.” This is the first thing you will find when you visit SoulPancake is a website created by Rainn Wilson that provides an outlet for the employees of SoulPancake to reach people in the general public with creative, thought provoking, or silly questions or ideas that get people involved with each other. SoulPancake’s philosophy:
“We create stuff that matters. That opens your heart. That makes you think. Our mission is to help you and your audience figure out what it means to be human and feel damn good doing it. Our brain batter of art, culture, science, philosophy, spirituality, and humor is designed to get people talking, sharing, and engaging with this crazy, exciting, creative journey that is life.”
SoulPancake is the digital version of the agora in ancient Athens. In the agora, sophists would participate in lively debate on the silliest of things and the things of upmost importance. Things such as the importance of bees to the political debates of the time would be discussed and argued over. The sophists would participate in dissoi logoi for the sake of arguing and being able to utilize a vast language for entertainment. Similarly on SoulPancake, members are there to post about their upcoming events in their lives or to post about the most serious subjects such as their former drug use or family issues or the issues of war and violence in the world. The employees of SoulPancake also create their own videos, such as Kid President and a series called My Last Days. The Kid President series is more lighthearted. Like this video:
On the other, more serious hand there is the My Last Days series of video. Videos like this one:
Along with these series, there are many others. Some are serious, some are not. There is a perfect blend of serious discussions being had and a silliness to balance out the seriousness.
The people who make an account on SoulPancake can create conversations starting with a question or picture or link and other members can respond and people can respond to the responses. SoulPancake brings complete strangers together to talk about current events or to talk about their most personal interests. The members of SoulPancake get themselves involved in lively conversations and interactions and engage in dissoi logoi, just like the Sophists. This new digital version of the agora is not limited to just the people living near the agora, like it was in ancient Athens; people from all over the world can share their thoughts and interact with others on the variety of subjects available on SoulPancake.

On SoulPancake, there are people from all walks of life who engage dissoi logoi through questions and responses to questions or comments or observations. There are videos that will make you smile, laugh, or cry, sometimes all at the same time. The creative people working behind SoulPancake are thoughtful and creative and have created a space where it is safe to interact with others and share their thoughts on sensitive subjects. SoulPancake is a place of deep thinking and also a place of rich laughter. It is whatever you make it out to be. Their philosophy says, “figure out what it means to be human and feel damn good doing it,” and they have accomplished this goal by addressing all areas of life, including death, and bring a light to shine on the issues that need to be addressed and to bring a smile to the face of whomever is paying attention. By addressing these issues, SoulPancake has become like the modern day agora from ancient Athens.

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